IP Changes and Other Announcements

Bukkit Map Downloads (hosted by me; ordered from most recent to oldest):

Zach's World (Most recent one): http://is.gd/q9FviP
"Robworld": http://is.gd/NZW9HP
Peace Kingdom: http://is.gd/RZBmth
Old World: http://is.gd/xhBP2I


Due to the large number of griefs in this transition to vanilla on the bukkit server, we have closed it ahead of schedule and have moved the vanilla server to the default port (:25565).

If you are whitelisted already on the server, please update your server listing to reflect this change:

Vanilla IP:


Bukkit IP:

Steve is also in the process of uploading map downloads of the previous Bukkit servers to my website. Links will be updated for each world shortly.

Finally, for those wondering what we are waiting on before officially opening the vanilla server: we are in the process of beautifying spawn some and writing up some information on signs and the like so new people aren't totally lost.

The server WILL be whitelisted, and we will not necessarily add everyone who applies. Vanilla will likely not be advertised much as that tends to bring in griefers and the like, but feel free to suggest your friends join you if you can trust them to follow the rules as described in this topic.


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