Whitelist Request Thread

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Thank you for wanting to join our server, we'd like to ask you before you request being whitelisted that you please read this thread. Make sure you read it thoroughly before applying or we will deny your request.

Once you have read that thread and submitted your request an Admin will come through and review the applications. This can take sometime, so we'd like to apologize ahead of time if you do not immediately hear from someone.

Post in this format:

IGN: (your username)
How you found us: (explanation)
Why you want to join: (explanation)
Verification: (verify)


  • My IGN is jjm_223.
    I found this server a while ago when it was bukkit and I was looking for a good server on the minecraft forums (one without a severe lack of trees).
    I want to join because I liked the bukkit server and I bet the vanilla one will be good, too. I also had fun with the people on the bukkit server.
  • Thanks :D
  • IGN: ColaLion

    How I found out about you: I have been playing on the PeaceCraft server (or else, know about it) before the update. When I first heard about it, I got a message from my cousins, SoyKing and Yoso.

    Why I want to join: The reason I want to join is because of the time I had played on the server was so fun for me and there were many nice people and Administrators/Owners.

    ColaLion :D
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    IGN: LarryBird3313

    How you found us: I was playing before the update. I am friends with ColaLion, SoyKing, and Yoso.

    Why you want to join: I enjoy playing on this server. It gives me a chance to work with some neat people.

    Thank You,
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    IGN: SoyKing

    How you found us: I was also playing before the update. I am friends with ColaLion, Yoso, and Larry.

    Why you want to join: Peacecraft is a nice, relaxing server I always liked to play on. I just want to be able to keep playing.
  • IGN:Forge117

    How did you find us:on the internet in a server list

    Why you want to join:it is the coolest server i had played in :)

  • IGN: SirRednael

    How you found us: I found the bukkit server via a Roosterteeth forum almost 8 months ago.

    Why you want to join: I liked playing on the bukkit server, because of the friendly atmosphere. I was hoping I could join the vanilla server so I can continue having a great time playing minecraft online.

  • IGN: skitsofrenic
    How you found us: Minecraft Forums
    Why you want to join: I love Peacecraft
  • @skits, I could have sworn you were on the whitelist already. :( Added.
  • IGN: Ri739
    How you found us: I found a video of peacecraft minecraft then checked you out on the internetzzzzz
    Why you want to join: I love Peacecraft. I have played before. I LOVED COMPLETE VANILLA, um yeah
  • IGN: phycodragon
    An arrow from the heavens hit me in the knee and it had a message on it. It told me to join this server. This is how I found this server.
    The arrow had yet another message. It told me to join the server, otherwise a second arrow would fly outta the sky and nail in the other knee.:angel:
  • You should be added now phyco.
  • phycodragon use to search for servers until he took an arrow to the knee
  • IGN: (your username) t3hpwnz4rz
    How you found us: (explanation) minecraft forums
    Why you want to join: (explanation) In all the time iv'e played here this is still the best, friendliest server; so let me back in lol!
  • IGN: Urzuxo (if you're asking for the profile name in the minecraft launcher)
    How you found us: I googled "Roosterteeth Minecraft PC server" and I found this. It seemed like a good and proper server.
    Why you want to join: Playing alone just isn't entertaining anymore. I want to look at others works and build stuff together with others.
  • I added both of you (t3hpwnz4rz and Honeycone)
  • IGN: JofesJohnson

    How you found us: Alright, well I started playing on this server when it was on it's second map before all of the role playing stuff started. Then I got busy and quit, but hey I'm back! Um, back then I think I found the server through clammy04, pretty sure he doesn't play anymore...

    Why you want to join: Well, like I said I frequented this server a few years ago, and I didn't know where else to turn to play on a multiplayer server. I remember this server being pretty fantastic, and after seeing that you guys put up a vanilla server I wanted to check it out again. I've also got a lot of free time now that I've started college, so I can do mindless things like play Minecraft and such.
  • Added you to the whitelist, good to see you!
  • IGN: RoxyLuffer
    How you found us: LONG time ago I found this server with a friend
    Why you want to join: used to play Vanilla, the Modded server is down (may as well be) and I'm a former Admin to the Vanilla server. so I think it'd be fun to be a regular player again! 8D Great with player relations and all that. hope to have a lot of fun (gonna miss the FTB stuff, but whatever)
  • Added you to the whitelist.

    As for FTB, it'll be back eventually once Edit and Aarchel can get the latest version prepped.
  • IGN: ziggymandias
    How you found us: Planetminecraft
    Why you want to join: Recent server I was on closed down and would like the challenge of amplified in a friendly community.
  • IGN: cool_miner04
    How you found us: my brother Jakechain8
    Why you want to join: Because I like playing with other people and don't like my builds being griefed.
  • IGN: GreyHunter
    How you found us: my friend Jakechain8
    Why you want to join: Because I like playing minecraft with other people without random holes everywhere
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