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  • All three of you are missing something. Please re-read the rules carefully.
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    All three of you are missing something. Please re-read the rules carefully.

    Sorry, but I hate wicked apples.
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    the miner said:

    All three of you are missing something. Please re-read the rules carefully

    Sorry, but I hate wicked apples

  • All three of you are missing something. Please re-read the rules carefully.

    Just wanted you to know that I really like wicked apples.
  • All three of you are missing something. Please re-read the rules carefully.

    Just wanted you to know that I really like wicked apples.
  • IGN: Kapsluk

    I found you because, I remember a server called peace something. So i searched and I found this server. I remember having so much fun on the old server. Since this is whitelisted and the old one wasnt. This should be better than the last one. :D

    I just want to be on a server with no worries about being raided, taking my time building in a smp world.

    Kapsluk! :D
  • IGN: Dr_frogface

    When I heard about you: My brothers friend Jakechain8, and from some wicked apples.

    Why I want to join: So I can play with my friends and brother.
  • Both of you are now whitelisted.
  • Whitelisted.
  • IGN: LadyStark
    How you found us: I'm looking for a good plain old vanilla and PvP server to play on and meet new friends on :D
    Why you want to join: I want to join so that I can know how your server is, what kind of atmosfere you have and if I'll enjoy playing on it. Basically I just found out that my last server will no longer have PvP so I'm doing a server run throughout many servers to see if I find a good community where I can have some fun at! Don't get me wrong I'm not one to randomely kill people buuut I enjoy being able to punch players if I meet them as a greet :D

    Thanks for reading :)
  • IGN: ElleinadCZ
    How I found y'all: My good friend jjm_223 brought up your server a few times, and directed me to the forums.
    Why I want to join: Because the server has gotten a pretty decent amount of praise from said friend, the rules match my play style, and I want to check it out for myself :D!

    Wicked Apple~
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    IGN: FabulouSs_
    How you found us: The server was highly recommended by my friend jjm_223 :D
    Why you want to join: The rules of the server make sense to me and it seems like it would be fun to play on
    Verification: Wicked apple :o
  • All of you have been added to the whitelist.
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    IGN: Sapphire_Breeze
    How Did You Find Us?: Friendly conversations between staff members =)
    Why Do You Want To Join?: I want to play with my friends on here. From what I heard, it was fun.
    Verification: Wicked Witches serve wicked apples
  • I'm looking for a fun server to play with people.
    I found you through a post on RoosterTeeth.com
    I want to join because I'm not smart enough to set up a server of my own but still want to play.
    Password is Wicked Apple. Never plural. One is already more than I can handle.

    What is your in-game name?
  • IGN: xplosivetaco

    Found - I'm an old member. Like Derekpeterson was still the owner old member. I've gotten the craving to get back into Minecraft and wished to return to my old home.

    I want to be whitelisted again because, well, I was inactive for so long that I no longer was on the whitelist. And I'd love to catch up with those who remain from the olden days.

    Password: Wicked Apple
  • Whitelisted. Although, I'll have to warn you that there hasn't been much activity on vanilla recently. Most of the activity seems to occur on the modded server around whenever the pack is updated.
  • We have had some new players on the modded server recently, so it's not empty.  The 1.7.10 packs are coming along still, and I'm working on something that may fill the gap until the new 1.7.10 packs are ready, provided I can get some kinks worked out in the next day or two.
  • IGN: xPureOwnagex
    How you found us: I have been playing with you guys for over 3 years now, OMG i miss all you guys. Stevie, Intel, Television, EditedCub, Aarch. I had set apart minecraft for a long time, but i miss it so much. I used to be a Veteran on the old server, and then some things happened on the bukkit server and it got shut-down. But hopefully this Vanilla server will be better than all the previous ones. It feels great to be back!
    Why You want to join: Need i say more?
    Sincerely,a long-time Peacecraft player

  • Whitelisted.
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    IGN: lare290
    How you found us: Minecraft Server List
    Why you want to join: I like playing multiplayer and this seemed like really nice server.
    Edit: It seems like I'm stupid not reading things and just posting whitelist request. Sorry about that, and wicked apple.
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    IGN: Kjotleik

    How you found us: With a little help from my Google...(daa da-da-da-daa)

    Why you want to join: As a middle-aged man, I've found this game entertaining and fun. Having played mostly single player survival up to now, I've reached a point where I'd like to find myself a server with some friendly players around. This is the very first server I've tried to get onto. The only multi-player I've had any experience with is the now expired free-trial at the MC Realms. I only played with one other player that I invited (family). Now I'd like to try this multi-player thing out for real. I hope to be able to start recording a bit as well, come the end of the summer (I do have a YT-account, but haven't uploaded a thing for ages...and ages again). I will probably be able to play some during the weekends, and maybe a bit during the week, since I'm currently holding a part-time job (but this may change at short notice, so mostly weekends is my only promise...)


    I've heard rumours about a golden one

    but never have I laid my eyes upon a
    wicked apple

    Oh, how a view, from this mount upon

    from beneath my feet, rocks the weight
    of a ton

    I've slipped, and been saved by the H2O

  • @Kjotleik: Added, though I must warn you that currently there aren't many active members.
  • @Kjotleik: Added, though I must warn you that currently there aren't many active members.

    Thanks. I'll drop by again towards the weekend. I've just been on for a little while to make sure it is playable. It seems to function fine, although I'm not used to the slight delay (lag) when fighting monsters... 8-) 

    Oh. I put up a sign just to say hello at the house close to spawn, and went East-ish. I found myself a small island and started construction of a house (not finished yet).

    Would be nice if one or two persons could drop by onto the server during the coming weekend. By the way, what's the keyboard shortcut for getting the list of people currently online?
  • IGN: madsniper84
    how i found this server: just searched through google.
    why i want to join: i am a teenage guy in the middle of summer and i need some good vanilla server to keep my time occupied.
  • Whitelisted.
  • Whitelisted.
  • Whitelisted.
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