Whitelist Request Thread



  • IGN: (your username) __CaptainTeemo__
    How you found us: (explanation) Minecraft server list
    Why you want to join: (explanation) ive been looking for a good vanilla server to play onwith people i can skype and talk to. im looking for a cool community of people that arent mean to everyone but are cool with joke preferably a older crowed .
  • @__CaptainTeemo__: Read the rules again please and I'll add you ASAP.
  • Hello, my in-game username is: Smoore77
    How I found out about you: I was browsing the Minecraft forums and came across a post by madsniper84, saying that you're looking for new players.
    Why I want to join: I've played single player Minecraft for more hours than I care to count. I still love Minecraft, but I'm just a tad bit lonely playing and building in an empty world all the time. I think it would be super fun if I could play together with a bunch of other players who are nice.
    And last, but not least: Wicked Apples!
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    Hey intel and Steve... You guys probably vaguely remember me from some time ago... Namely the "nop-pocalypse". I have been playing League of Legends for the past 2 years instead of Minecraft, but have once again started playing minecraft and remember this server for being very well run, and have friendly people on it. Well, I hope you guys let me on :P here goes:

    Username in game: 69nop
    How I found out about you: Used to play on Peacecraft 2 or 3 years ago. Was banned on multiple alts because my main was perm-banned for griefing Gamemaker152's something or other, dont remember exactly. I remember Steve and Intel being petty mods back then ;)

    Why I want to join: Just started playing minecraft again since League is getting a little stale and since Peacecraft was the first minecraft mutiplayer server I ever played on(introduced by Gamemaker152) I have always been fond of peacecraft. Still remember my first house being in Wastelands... ahh... nostalgia.

    But yeah, thats me. In the last 2-3 years I have matured, and trust me I will not be doing the things I did on Peacecraft long ago. However, I re
  • @bass: Yup, we definitely remember the *nops. We still joke about you all you know :p. Unfortunately, you're going to need to check the rules again for something, then I'll re-add you. Wastelands was the shiznit, definitely.
  • Does it perhaps have something to do with the format that I have to post ? Or the actual server rules?
  • You need to read the rules in their entirety, something should be obvious once you do. I'll be nice and tell you its about halfway through.
  • Yes I see it. I have stated that I have given up all the things that I have once done in the past. But it's valid that you bring it up.
    I will respect that rule and and the entirety of all the other rules.
  • Read number 4 in the list.
  • Of course. I respect that.
    1. No murder, except in self defense (self defense includes trapping your own base if you so wish). If you accidentally kill someone, make sure to store their stuff in a chest and give them it back as soon as possible. The following is not part of this rule, but is hidden to ensure that people actually read the rules in entirety. Individuals wishing to join the vanilla server should include the phrase "wicked apple" in their whitelist application if they wish to join. This word is subject to random change, and those who do not include it will not be whitelisted.
    I'm not sure how to make it any clearer, lol.
  • http://forums.peacecraft-ec.com/categories/archive-rules I've been reading this wtffff where are those rules :(
  • http://forums.peacecraft-ec.com/discussion/1333/server-information-rules#latest
    I kinda just gave up and added you at this point. You needed to add "wicked apple" to your application.
  • the unseen troll is the deadliest?
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    bass said:

    http://forums.peacecraft-ec.com/categories/archive-rules I've been reading this wtffff where are those rules :(

    Notice how the category is "archive-rules" ;)

  • IGN: jyman7

    How you found us: minecraftservers.net

    Why you want to join: I needed to find a peaceful server to just play on and this seemed to fit the title. 

  • @jyman7: Check the rules thread, please.
  • @jyman7: Check the rules thread, please.

    I read all of the rules and I understand them. Anything else before I am allowed for entrance to the server?
  • You might wish to read the posts before you then, you skipped over something. =P
  • @inteligence Verification: Wicked Apples?
  • Alright, adding you.
  • thanks man :)

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    IGN: ambz
    How you found us: http://minecraft-server-list.com/
    Why you want to join: I like being a part of small communities, and I'd like to join this one. 
    Verification: nopnado
  • Hi ambz, 

    You should check the rules thread for me so I can whitelist you—if you get stuck, check above you.

  • @inteligence I added the verification.
  • Alright, added ya.
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    IGN: Retrologics
    How you found us: User ambz
    Why you want you to join: I like playing and building on whitelisted servers and this one seems nice.
    Verification: nopnado
  • Added you.
  • IGN: poseidoff
    How you found us: used to play on Peacecraft years ago under the handle hipsterchili, wanted to see if the server was still around
    Why you want to join: I've been getting back into Minecraft since college, it's still around, and nopnado

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