Whitelist Request Thread



  • Added you to the whitelist. Nice to see you.
  • Making a whitelist request for my boyfriend's account if I'm allowed to do that. He's a grown man so I don't expect any rule violations from him but in the event that something does happen I accept full responsibility for his actions.

    IGN: MKG2007

    How you found us:  me!!!
    Why you want to join: so he can play with me whenever we have down time
    Verification: nopnado
    How you found us: Google & Youtube
    Why you want to join: I've been looking for a cool, peaceful, fun & friendly server with good managment & standards
    Verification: nopnado

  • IGN: PauliD123
    How you found us: A friend gave me the server
    Why you want to join: I want to play with my friend
    Verification: nopnado
  • Whitelisted.
  • IGN: hockeyalstar
    Why do you want to join the server: i just wanna join a server that i can play with others who like to play also without stealing and destroying other peoples builds.
    Verification: Wicked Apples?
  • IGN: NinjaHoodie
    I found out about this server from a server website.
    I want to join because I enjoy servers with friendly people and I enjoy servers that aren't over crowded. 
  • IGN:

    How you found us:
    a long time ago before this server was named PeaceCraft it was named EpicCraft and my friend in school showed me the server and it looked like the coolest skypvp server I had ever seen.

    Why you want to join:
    I lost the IP and a year or so later I tried looking up the server and I know it was not the same server, then a came across a video on yt that said PeaceCraft skypvp and it looked exactly how it did when I use to play on it and I finally am finding the IP after so long and I just can't wait to play on one of my oldest favorite servers.
  • IGN:
    How you found us:
    My friend from school showed me this server a long time ago and I lost the IP and my IGN also changed over the years.
    Why you want to join:
    When I use to play on this server it was really fun to me and I loved it and I would just love to play on the server again.
  • IGN: TheUrkManJr
    How you found us: I used to play on this server a long time ago, when the ip was p.derekp.com under the name 'urkeljr' & when TeemingTubbyEmu used to play.
    Why you want to join: Back in the day this is all I played and I loved it. Staff was nice & the server was just fun..

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