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Server Summary:
So this is of no surprise to anyone, this server is a survival server whose players pride themselves on being able to overcome challenges through perseverance. We currently run Minecraft version 1.8 and have decided that the most fun comes from playing on hard mode (we are not a hardcore server, just a hard server). We expect and hope that everyone follows the rules and respects their fellow players. We try our best to make the server as fun as possible for everyone. You're here for fun after all and we'll do what we can to make sure you have it!

Staff/OPs/Admin (dark aqua name in-game):
The Admin are like every user and are just there to have fun too. So you don't have to worry about a power mad Admin going after you and you most certainly won't have to worry about Admin cheating or griefing you! We absolutely despise the usage of OP abilities to give an advantage and find that it cheapens the experience. Survival is survival and Admin are expected to survive just like everyone else.

Staff/OPs/Admin List:

  • Editedcub (Official owner of all Peacecraft servers)
  • Steveice10
  • Television
  • Inteligence
  • RoxyLuffer
  • MizuMing
  • Rgoodermote (See this list? He made and maintains it. Blame him for everything. :p)

Server Rules:

  1. No griefing; this includes looting from chests that aren't marked for public use without permission from the owner(s) and the manipulation of locked objects, such as breaking or placing blocks to enter an iron door. Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban.

  2. No looting; this means (but is not limited to) taking from dispensers, hoppers and chests. If it can hold items, don't touch it and do not take from it.

    • To make life easier we'll generalize everything that can store items as "storage units", as that is basically what they are.

    • If a storage unit has no sign at all, consider it to be a private storage unit and do not touch it.

    • A storage unit must have a sign directly on it that says "For public usage" or some other mark to indicate that it is for public usage.

    • If a public storage unit is marked with instructions, please follow them. This can include, but is not limited to, being asked to replenish certain items in the unit and/or not taking certain items from the unit. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a warning and a ban if it becomes a pattern.

    • Taking from someone's farm (wheat, carrots, etc.) and replanting is acceptable so long as the farm can be accessed without breaking in. However, if you do not replant and/or you had to break in to get to their farm you will be banned for looting and griefing.

  3. Do not enter any locked/closed-off structure without explicit permission from the owner, with exception for structures whose entrances are wooden doors (or iron doors that the owner has made easy to open) that don't have blocks in front of them. It doesn't matter what kind of block, if you have to break something to get in, don't do it. In addition, if you need to place something down to open/get around an entrance, then you should think about what you're doing and not do it.

    • Do not break into structures using Ender Pearls, this is as bad as breaking into it via griefing. If you can't get in through normal means, don't try to get in at all.
    • Do not use a person's bed to get into their structure later, if you are not explicitly allowed in by the owner please do not find ways to subvert and gain entry.

    • You are only permitted to enter a person's structures with explicit permission and only granted a one time entry into the structure, unless explicitly told otherwise by the owner. This is only the case if entry is through any means other than a wooden door (and iron door that has been made easy to open by the owner) without a block in front of it and can be entered without the need to destroy something and/or placing down an object to open/get around it.

    • If asked to leave a person's property (this includes structures and land), leave. If you do not leave a warning will be issued. If this becomes a pattern, you will be banned.

    • Admin have final say in regards to how much land a person owns and can be called in for disputes involving borders. However, a good rule of thumb is that if you can see the other person's property (on the farthest Vanilla setting), you may be too close. Unless explicitly allowed, do not build directly next to people's structures. Exception is granted for the area around spawn. In addition, whoever was there first and been there the longest will almost always win in a dispute. If you came after and plopped down next to them, you will be asked to leave and will be required to do so on demand from the property owner.

  4. No murder, except in self defense (self defense includes trapping your own base if you so wish). If you accidentally kill someone, make sure to store their stuff in a chest and give them it back as soon as possible. The following is not part of this rule, but is hidden to ensure that people actually read the rules in entirety. Individuals wishing to join the vanilla server should include the phrase "nopnado" in their whitelist application if they wish to join. This word is subject to random change, and those who do not include it will not be whitelisted.

    • Exceptions are made in two cases; for Admin sanctioned PvP games and for consenting parties. All consent must be made in-game and must be explicitly stated by all parties. Rules for your match must be made in-game and must be agreed upon by all parties. Admin/Combatants will not be responsible for giving back lost and/or damaged property in these cases. Make sure to put everything of value away before engaging in such matches or else you may lose/damage your property.

  5. Cheats, hacks, and mods in general that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed. By "an advantage", we mean something like X-Ray or flight. Things like inventory sorters are allowed. If in doubt, ask an Admin or just don't use it.

  6. No trolling, slurs, obscene or offensive builds, etc, etc, etc. If you're a jerk you'll get one warning (up to the discretion of the Admin, however) and then you'll be banned if you keep it up. Slurs and/or other hateful actions will result in an immediate ban, this is your only warning. Hate is not tolerated in any form.

    • Using "gay" as a pejorative is considered slurring and you will be banned.

    • Using "faggot" and any other form of it is also considered to be slurring and you will be banned.

  7. Pranks are permitted so long as they did/do not involve griefing and/or the death of the target. They must comply with all rules and Admin reserve the right to shut a prank down if they deem it too dangerous and/or a violation of any of the rules.

    • Lag machines are unacceptable pranks.

    • Be aware that if you prank someone that they can and are encouraged to prank you back. So in deciding whether to prank someone or not, make sure you're willing to take the risk of getting it back in spades.

  8. Don't leave holes in the ground that anyone could accidentally fall into and possibly die. We don't want people getting killed by random holes. If you must have a hole, please clearly mark it.

  9. Do not ask Admin to use their OP abilities. Admin will only use these in very few cases. Admin are willing to assist in recovering lost and destroyed property and assist in rebuilding structures in a very few select circumstances (e.g. loss related to griefing). Recovery is entirely up to Admin discretion and varies from case to case. You are expected to accept any and all decisions made by an Admin in your case.

    • We are a survival server for a reason, you should take every single event in stride (even griefing) and attempt to recover through your own means. This doesn't mean not reporting incidents (please do!), it just means that you are expected to attempt a recovery on your own instead of relying on an Admin to do it for you. There can be a certain satisfaction from defying all odds and rising up like a phoenix. Almost all the time you will come out better than you were before and we highly encourage you to take serious events involving loss as a chance to do something better than the last, you'll feel better after, we promise. In almost all cases you should expect an Admin to deny a request for recovery, you are encouraged to ask, but don't get your hopes up that the answer will be in your favor.

    • If you work in a team with another player, Admin are willing to put you in a special team just for the two of you. These teams will disable PvP for the two individuals and enable seeing of each other even if invisible. Only two people per team and you will not get any special colors. Colors denote rank and your team will get the rank color of the lowest ranked team member. You can't be on multiple teams, you can only be on one.

    • Do not ask for the seed, we will not give it to you.

  10. Listen to what an Admin tells you, but, above all use your judgement when doing something you are unsure of. Admin reserve the right to use their own judgement and may ask you to follow an order not on this list. You are expected to follow their requests.

    • You are encouraged to speak with another Admin if you feel an Admin has been abusive.

EXTRA NOTE: If you are banned, your things may be put up for grabs by others. If you value your things don't break the rules!

TL;DR: Don't be an ass. We (the Admin) are pretty chill about things, but if you become a nuisance to others we will have no choice but to take action. We don't want to do this, we love people who mesh well with our strong community. However, if you are going to be a troll, a griefer or just in general, disruptive, we'd recommend searching for a different server. Best regards, and have fun! ~ The Administration
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