Direwolf20 1.1.3/4

The modpack was updated this morning; which pack should we update to in order to be ready for the server?


  • Need to look into it. From what I had heard they were going to abandon the pack we are on because of ID conflicts, and issue a new pack with the correct ID's. We were going to try to fix the ID issues with this next update, but now I need to see what we need to update to. Without actually looking into it I would say 1.1.4, but I don't know for sure yet.
  • All is not lost.

    Looks like we have a way out that largely involves doing what we did before for a while. Should actually be fairly straight-forward to make that switch without too much trouble in the short run. Obviously we'll have to think about switching long-term, but that's inevitable.
  • Just started mine up, Auto updated now i can't connect :@@@@

    Now to fix it.. ugh!
  • I guess I should have said, "As usual, do not update your pack until we post that the upgrade is complete, or you cannot log in." We will likely shift to a new version either this Friday or next, as time allows.

    Because of the changes to Block ID's we will need to do some extra testing before we can update. These Block ID changes are known to affect The Promised Lands, and any dimension that contains a biome from The Promised Lands. It will be impossible to convert them so most or all dimensions affected will need to be regenerated. Until we can test we will not know to what extent this will be necessary. This may also mean that some blocks brought back from The Promised Lands will cease to exist in the best case scenario, or cause people to crash out with chunk resets in the worst.

    It is also known that the ID for Ender Chests will change so players will need to clear those inventories if they don't want to lose anything, and the chests will likely need to be respawned. For that reason I would prefer to give at least a one week notice before we update, but I can't promise things will go down that way, as it is ultimately up to Edit.
  • So if I have skystone cobble floor I should replace it ASAP?
  • I don't know yet. I need to do some testing. I will post what I know once I know it.

    Edit is currently downloading a copy of the server for me, so I'll start messing with it tomorrow during my downtime at work. Hopefully this won't be the pain in the ass it should be, but only time will tell.
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