Turtle Companion Commands

As some people already know i am currently working on some AI so that a computercraft turtle can interact wit you. For those that have not heard about it, I am currently working on turtle companions that will be a pet that you will be able to talk to in chat and they will talk back to you and do various other things.

I am going to setup a store at spawn where you tell it that you want a turtle. You will be able to choose from a list of personality such as lonely, funny, angry, mellow, and evil. I also may give them various intelligent levels the more intelligent they are the more they are going to cost. During the purchasing process you will enter in your username and a name for the turtle. Your username HAS TO MATCH YOURS EXACTLY. The reason you enter in your username is so that he only listens to you and only you can hear him. If you don't enter you username correctly he wont hear you you wont hear him.

The thing I need help with is since this is such a big project I need for people to think of commands that a turtle can do. Some of the one I have already is such as Speak, Tell Joke, Sleep, Dance, Sing, Rename, Introduce(allows your turtle to talk to others for a short time).

Now I want to refrain from needing him to move around cause in order to do that not only do i have to code him with a complex GPS formula but i have to come to your house and build a GPS tower to host the coordinates. It can be something in the future but will be very expensive and I aint talking diamonds.

So the more people can think of the more the turtles will be able to do. I will think of tasks for it to do myself but at the moment im trying to get everything to work correctly. Plus you get to say that what ever command you suggested was your idea all I do is try to make it a reality.

1. Setup touchscreen computer to take orders.
2. Setup file transferring between computers to load up the custom ordered personality to turtle.
3. Setup a command Database that stores all commands for the turtles.
4. Complete user interaction via chatbox.
5. Finish learning how to do steps 1-4.
6. Make sure the turtle responds when needed.
7. Decide if I want to include GPS with turtles.
8. Finish Debugging(mainly wont be able to finish until they are being setup)
9. Think of a name for the software operating the turtles.
10. Make turtle manuals for people to reference

1. Come up with ideas of tasks/commands
2. Also jokes if someone know any good ones that are short

The turtle uses the chatbox from the MiscPeripherals Mod. It then waits for you to say key worlds such as "joke" or "sleep" so that you don't have to say word for word what command u want him to do. You can say "turtle: sleep" or "turtle: go to sleep" or "turtle: for the last time stop making all that damn noise and go to sleep" and it will work either way making him sleep. It will search for keywords in files I have stored if one matches it runs it therefore talking to you.


  • Can we have one that is a drunk party animal (rude, crude, and loud). If possible, also randomly pukes up dirt blocks (throws a few randomly).
  • Moved to general, this is more of a general player thing then an actual server announcement.
  • I can add that to a list of personalities.

    - Happy
    - Lonely
    - Funny
    - Mellow
    - Angry
    - Evil
    - Drunk

    - Speak (says hi)
    - Dance
    - Joke
    - Introduce (allows your turtle to talk to everyone to introduce themselves)
    - sleep
    - rename(rename your turtle)
    - sing(I may have him sing parts of safety dance)
    - mail(I will try to see if I can get people to be able to leave/receive mail but at the moment doesn't seem possible without conflicts due to how the chatbox works)
    - updates(I may store its database in a separate file from the program. With the doing that I could rewrite that file without changing the code to add new stuff)

    Think of anymore post them below.
  • Possibly commands:
    -Weather (makes meaningless small talk about the weather. Prattling on for a seeming eternity for some personalities)
    -Sports (asks if you've seen a certain arena match between two players that probably didn't happen)
    -Abuse (Makes derogatory remarks as a fake server to random player. Obviously tongue in cheek insults, not really terrible ones)
    -Arson (Randomly sets something on fire)
  • Just for an update on the turtles I currently finished the String Matching so now you can give it any kind of message and as long as you include the keyword it will work. The only problem I have right now is if you put a symbol right after the keyword so for example "turtle: will you please speak?" is not working properly because it is looking for the word "speak" and what your giving it is "speak?" but I have an idea on how to fix that.

    I got the array finished or table as its called lua. So now i can store the functions all in a table so the turtle can check 100's of functions in a matter of seconds. I bet steve can guess why I did it that way. My plans is to store the array/table into a file seperate from the program and make the main program into an API. This should allow for me to send out updates/bug fixes to the commands/functions of the turtles without me needing to change the code so all you guys will have to do is go back to the coding station place your turtle down and let him get the upgrade.

    To go with the upgrades I am going to encode the turtles with a MOTD/news for updates that will only be able to be turned on by me the only way anyone else could do it is if they changed all the programs on all the turtles one by one or logged on as me. So that's just for news and other stuff.

    I still always looking for ideas on commands. I would do twisted's Arson thing cause it would be fairly easy to do, but it could burn someones house down or their own forest down. As for the random sayings all turtles will have them. They will change depending on the personality you choose. Let's just say the evil turtle isn't going to ask you to bake a pie with him.

    Still debating on combining intelligence with personalities. The reason where that can be useful is that I run into a problem i can only have 1 peripheral and one tool, or have 2 peripherals. So I can't have a wireless turtles that talks and can mine for you cause that requires 2 peripherals and 1 tool. So I thought if I made a dumb turtle he wont be able to talk but hell be able to do simple tasks such as mine. If I made a smart turtle he would be able to talk and do some other stuff but he won't bring himself to do barbaric work such as mining(he is much to civilized for that).
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