ABBA Rules Rules and Scoreboard

For those who wish to play it:

ABBA rules is a competitive spelunking game invented by VintageBeef of the Mindcrack Server to make caving more interesting.

1) The winner takes it all.
2) Use a silk touch pick at all times (preferrably diamond).
3) Use Night Vision so you don't need to spam torches.
4) Do not kill people, but you may punch them to get them out of your way. If you kill them you may be disqualified.
5) If you die, you lose (unless your opponent(s) make an exception).
6) At the end of whatever time period you set for the game (I recommend 30 minutes), go up to the surface and compare items with your opponent(s). Whoever gets the most points wins the ores and loot of his/her opponent(s).

Vinnyvdvici - 1 win 1 loss
Inteligence - 1 win 1 loss
ColaLion - 0 win 2 loss

Values (per silk-touched ore):
Coal - 0.1 (not really worth mining)
Redstone - 1 (not really worth mining either, witch farm)
Iron - 3
Lapis - 5
Gold - 5
Diamond - 7
Emerald - 10

Horse Armor / Saddles - 5
cat or 13 records - 1
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