Since it doesn't matter anymore...

This is something Mizu and I made. You've all heard of it, it's the insanely long tunnel from one end of the world to the other. Oh and a quick tour of our prison base.

Enjoy the 25 minute ride, I sure as hell didn't.


(Yes, it's laggy. My old laptop was pure shiet. Now just my connection is.)


  • That's in peacecraft or in another place?
  • Peacecraft.

    And random note, we did this to get NPCs. That was our main focus forever. Yet every time we'd get an NPC something would go wrong. Like the server was rolledback a few times, Tockie blew em up or some one would go into our tunnel and kill them all for fun.

    Eventually we found a village in the South and said "Fuck it, we're building a tunnel and going to move them to our town even if it kills us."
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