Pure Bee from magic bees is broken

I recently tried to get the Pure Bee which is a bee that is suppose to purify thaumcraft nodes of flux(very hard to get).
The bee is 100% broken, Edit helped me test it. I used a alverary and nether star to get a 100% chance of getting the bee. I didn't get it. We eve spawned in a Pure Bee serum and tried making a bee into a Pure Bee using the Extra Bees Mod, as soon as you put it in an alveary and the queen dies of you just get the original bee back.
As far as I know all the other magic bees work such as the rejuvenation bee which boosts the aura for thaumcraft.
Just wanted to let you guys know cause it took me two days of nothing but forestry bee breeding just to find out its broken.


  • Thanks for the warning!
  • Hopefully, this will be fixed in the 1.1.4 update, once I can get it running properly.
  • hows it coming along aarch?
  • Slowly, at the moment. I have just been so busy with work that I am a complete zombie after. I hope to spend a large amount of time on it today, as things are supposed to quiet down for today at least.

    I've pretty much got everything but testing to see which worlds need to be reset due to ID changes out of the way.
  • So is the stuff with sky lands still gonna be changed around. Also I got my hands on some crystals from mystcraft if people need them for portals.
  • Given that they changed the block ID's for the Promised Lands, yes they will change and any world containing a Promised Lands Biome will be affected. I'm just finally getting around to testing to see what happens to a world if we don't reset it first. I'm expecting things to range from really-bad to not-so-bad. Once I know what happens then I need to get a copy of the server running, visit every dimension, take note of which ones need to be reset, and make a post about it giving people a week, maybe two, to move out of the affected world/.mca's depending on how extensive the problems.
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