Unwanted Break

Hi guys.

I've been sick recently, and as a result I have had liquids of the dihydrogen monoxide sort placed upon my table from time to time. My cat, deeming it as good a time as ever, decided to knock over my glass all over my desk (and into my computer) so that he could have a drink (the door was open and he had water anyway <_<). Needless to say, my computer is somewhat inoperable at the moment, and with the present state of my homework situation, I will not be able to attempt to repair my computer again till at least Thursday-Friday. This means I will not be able to play or administrate the vanilla server for the time being, so I can but hope that everything goes smoothly in my (hopefully) brief absence.

Be back soon, (I hope :()


  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Intel :(

    As a side note, if a grief/issue comes up in the server while Intel is gone, PM me with details (if I don't already know about it) and I'll try to deal with it as soon as I am able to.
  • Poop a loop, can you move to goodbyes forum? I don't think I have the ability to do that.
  • you responded to fast i wrote the name wrong and i didnt have time to edit it lol. I think its hydroxylic acid aka water.
  • op has it right, water is dihydrogen monoxide
  • yea i know it is water but its uncommon to see it as dihydrogen monoxide and i just wanted to mess with intel by calling it another name.
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