Screenshot of 1.7 Snapshot

This beauty will be what we get to explore relatively soon. My plan is to update to the snapshots as soon as the iron trench is done*--which unfortunately is pretty far off at the moment as I can't do work well without a working video card--but I'd love to hear what you guys think, too! The red coloring over on the right is Mesa, by the way! (8000,1000-ish) All the more reason to get a nether hub set up :-(. Maybe now that Zach seems to be playing we can get loads of work done as a community again?

The little house with a roof icon is spawn. Enjoy!
Seed: 3405234264848400443


* -- We only need 1.6.2 because the villager marker mod we need for the Trench isn't updated for the snapshots.


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