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I recently got Terraria, and so far its been pretty fun! Anyone else here play it?


  • I've been trying it out. For me, it's a 'meh' kind of experience, with some fun parts.

    And imho, it's exactly what minecraft would be, if minecraft were a 2d side-scroller.

    HOWEVER, I am willing to look into what kind of resources would be required to run a Terraria server on our hardware. If its possible, why not offer not only Minecraft, but also Terraria for the other flavor.
  • yea i might buy it if we get something running
  • Sounds like a cool idea, if it gets enough interest then we could do that.
  • For those that dont know Terraria can be bought on steam for $10 or you can wait for a steam sale and get it for like $3. It could be a while before its on sale though because its random.
  • it's been possibly too long since I've played Terraria, it'd be a WHOLE new experience for me, as I purchased it long ago when it was fairly new.
  • I added a poll to vote on.
  • Im not gonna play but sure why not
  • I want to be whitelisted or whatever is going to be there for the server! hopefully we don't need Hamachi like in the old days hahaha
  • If we get something going for this, it'll most likely be after October 1st btw as that's when Terraria 1.2 comes out.
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