1.7.10 Update

Work continues on the new pack, and the current plan is to have two separate servers (tech, and magic) joined by Q-Craft.  This will require our players to download a mega pack (much as 1.6 is now, the 1.7 pack currently has 200-210 mods in it atm).  This will enable players to quickly jump from one server, to the other without having to load a second modpack.


  • Just to add a bit more detail to Edit's post:

    We are going to attempt to build out three different packs for this, a Magic Pack, a Tech Pack, and the Kitchen sink pack.  This is purely to provide smaller more manageable packs for the players that can't run the full, huge pack.  However, this means that anyone running the smaller packs will not be able to teleport between the servers using Q-Craft, as that is impossible to do without having all the mods in a single pack.

    While we will attempt to allow for players to carry compatible items from one server to the other in their inventories, this is likely not possible.  So teleporting between servers will likely be nothing more than a convenience feature for those with powerful enough systems.

    The primary reason for splitting the pack into Magic and Tech variants is to provide more stable, and hopefully better performing servers for each pack.  The secondary reason is to make the individual packs more playable on weaker computers.  The 1.6.4 pack suffers performance issues from it's massive size on weaker client machines, and from too many players on the server.  So we are trying something else in order to try and increase the playability of the packs.

    As things stand, over the past week or so we have been testing out a version of the full pack and have found a number of issues that we need to resolve.  Some are buggy mods, others are odd interactions with other mods, and in at least in one case we have a mod without any valid recipes.  Most of these problems are fixable, and that is what I will be working on next.  After that we will test some more, and if no problems occur we will move on to balancing out the world gen, splitting the pack to Magic and Tech, and tweaking the two packs individually for content that is unique to each.  I will start a new topic with the mod list once I have resolved the major issues, and have a bit more time. 
  • As much as I hate to admit. We may want to hold off on doing the pack. At least for deployment. The new curse client for modded Minecraft is getting closer to release, it is designed to replace the FTB launcher, the whole point of the curse client is all the mods are there already. If you want the mod in a pack you check a box, so theoretically all will needed to be sent around is a config folder. In fact if everything goes as planned, by the end of the year the FTB Launcher will be shut down. 

    Seeing how close Curse and FTB are in a business/friendship relationship. Things will only get better for modded minecraft. I personally am excited because granted I'm not part of the new FTB Team server "Infinity". I do moderation for the some of streamers, that server currently runs that client. So it's gonna be a new revolution just like how FTB was. 

    Also another note. I want Thermal Dynamics... I don't know if its in or not. Haven't seen he latest mod list.
  • We'll see where things end up when the pack is ready.  It will still be a while before all the important issues are fixed as many of them require mod updates.  I'm all for the Curse Client if it's available when we are ready to go.  It also handily circumvents most of the need to get permissions, as anything available through Curse will be available on their launcher.  We will only need permissions for mods that are not distributed through Curse.

    As for Thermal Dynamics, we have been waiting for it to become available.  As it was released today, it will be in the pack.  The Tech pack would have been held back for it if necessary.  There are a couple others we would like to have as well, but we probably won't wait on them unless they offer a time frame for release.
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