Guild Wars 2

I have recently been spending my free time playing Guild Wars 2 instead of other games and with the expansion beta coming soon i was wondering how many of you actually play the game. If we can get enough people, we might be able to start a guild or something to expand the peacecraft variety. I doubt there will be many, or any players that do play but i'm just curious to see. Also do we have any people that play Elder Scrolls Online that plan to join back when the subscription is dropped?   


  • Sorry to say that I've never heard of it. Can you give a brief rundown?
  • Guild Wars 2 is an mmo where you choose between 5 races: Asura, short and intelligent, Sylvari, the noble tree people, Human, hoping i don't have to describe this one, Norn, the giant hunters, and the Charr, war-loving beasts. Here. These races are each taught a profession to focus on: Mesmer, Guardian, Necro, Ranger, Elementalist, and Warrior. Here. Each race has its own little side story alongside the main story. The game also has Player vs World, World vs World, and Player vs Player. The game focuses mostly on exploring and finding out how you want to level. The game can be a grind sometimes but only if you want to buy expensive armor/weapons. It doesnt take much to hit max level though which is why i only decided to mention this once the expansion was announced. The main website can be found Here   

    As for Elder Scrolls Online, the gameplay can be tedious with certain quest stories being rehashed in the different zones. I only recommend this if you like simple combat and the Elder Scrolls feel without much open world. 
  • I just got Guild Wars 2 Mathewhoney.
  • What is your in game name?
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