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So, one day my bed went missing, and that wasn't great. But bed aren't that hard to get so I was pretty fine with it. But today I went to get some name tags I got while fishing and they were gone! I know it wasn't Greyhunter, Dr_frogface, or coolminer_04, and the only other person I have seen on the server is Kapsluk. If anyone knows about this please tell me.

I have been playing on the vanilla server.  


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    As a note, I forgot to comment on this, I did look into this. Sadly I can't see who it was as it looks like our tools went a little haywire. :/

    I'm deciding to take your word on this and making a one time exception, I have given you five new nametags.

    Also, if your yard looks a little weird...I'm sorry. While I was looking around a Creeper blew up and I tried my best to rebuild everything. You lost no chests, so no worries.

    You can find your new nametags near your chests in a single chest.

    Again, this is a single exception and I am taking your word on this. Sadly I can't find the culprit, but I am willing to believe that a loss has occurred. I'm sorry that happened and I am sorry I took so long in getting back to you.
  • Thanks for the nametags and my yard is fine, didn't notice it at all.
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