Hello, I am Kjotleik!


Since I've been on for a little while now, I thought it best to introduce myself...

I am Kjotleik. A middle-aged man who, to my own very surprise, has found this game climb the ladder to challenge for a top three most-favourite-game of all times on my personal list. It's challengers are Civilization IV BTS 3.19, UFO: Enemy Unknown (yes, the original from the 90's) and Championship Manager End-of-Season 94 Edition.

Currently I am a couple of kilometres East of spawn. I've decided to settle on the coast (occupying some islands) and make my "civilization" of one grow from there...

I have also done some test-recordings (new recording software, OBS) that seems to be doing well.

Feel free to drop by and take a look. Hints and tips about how to improve my stuff is always welcome. Although I reserve the right to not follow said advice... 8-)

If anyone is interested in making a "welcome-tour" of spawn, I'd appreciate if I could record it and upload it to my YT-channel. Currently I have a total of six (yes, 6) subscribers. So I need BOTH HANDS to count them (Yippiiieaaa) (<- for anyone not familiar with my kind of humor, that was sarcasm).

See you around the server (hopefully)!

Yours Sincerely
Kjotleik of Norway
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