Going away for a while...

I've been enjoying playing on the PeaceCraft vanilla server for a while now. However, two things has occured to make me want a little "vacation" time from the server.

ONE - I'm going to be very busy at work from now on and at least a little bit into January (maybe longer, who knows).
TWO - Nobody is on the server anymore. For the past month I haven't seen anyone logging on/off besides myself. It feels like a single-player world by now. With the exception of more lag. Both of the deadly variety (creepers killing me while 30 blocks away) and pure block-lag. It's a thing that comes and goes. But particularly at night. If there's a group of zombies outside my fence... let's just say they can kill me while not even near me physically sometimes... 8-(

Reason one is why I spend less time playing games at the moment. Reason two is the one that makes me prioritize single-player now...

I'll be checking back once January has come around, to see if there are people here. If not, I may end up just doing single-player from now on. I hope to see someone there next year when I log back in...



  • Sorry Kjotleik!

    I haven't been online much since I was busy at work (seems there will be a bigger change for me sometime in the next 3 months...) and ontop of that I was sort of stumped as to what I want to do on the server. I am mostly waiting for the reset with 1.9 now before I start playing some more again.
    The zombies and creepers actually seem more dangerous to me now aswell, but I think that is mostly because of the new combat mechanics. Seems its a lot harder to deal with creepers now, also zombies do more damage now, rather annoying if you ask me.

    Hope to see you around next year then!

  • Hope to see you around next year then!

    Yes, I'll be checking the server out once 1.9 is out. The weekend after it's updated I'll log on to play a bit...

    If anyone is around before the update/reset, feel free to raid my lands/possessions. It's not like I'm going to need anything I currently have once the server is re-set...  8-)
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