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I recently ran into Aarchel in a stream I was moderating for and told him that I was working on a Custom PC build. As requested I will list everything that has gone/going into the monster of a PC.

Before I get to far into the build I want it to be let know it is an Enthusiast Build. So performance/dollar is kinda not considered.

So I am going to put a long, long list of parts and why it is that I chose to go the way I did. 

So for the meat and potatoes of the System I have this:
- MSI X99 SLI Plus Motherboard
- Intel 5820k 6 core i7 extreme 3.2Ghz proccessor
- 16G Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM
- Gigabyte 980Ti G1 Gaming GPU
- EVGA 1000W supernova power supply
- 2TB WD Green HDD
- 500G Samsung 850 Evo SSD
- Cooler Master Haf Stacker case

Alright so I went x99 because I wanted some of the features it offers and at the time was the first board to have DDR4 RAM support, I went MSI because I have had positive results from the company even when one of my boards did fail. 

The 5820K proccessor was an easy pick. It was the cheapest i series processor for the 2011-3 socket type. Although its nothing to shy about in performance in my opinion. 

I went with crucial RAM just because it was either Kingston or Crucial and since Crucial had some of the first Ram kits out for DDR4 even all the way up to 128G kits. I decided that Crucial had a good grasp on what they were doing for this series.

Now the single most expensive item in my build the 980Ti. I was actually gonna be an asshole and just buy a Titan X just cause it was the best, but when the 980Ti came out it was built of the same chip as the Titan X almost matching its speeds at a $300 difference in price. Once Gigabyte got their hands on it they were able to make the 980Ti Overclock better than the Titan passing it up in performance. Only thing the Titan has on it now is twice the Vram and more cuda cores, but I'm not doing a lot of rendering to need that. 

The EVGA 1000w power supply was originally going to be for the fact I was going to do 980 in SLI, even though I won't be doing that, it was fully modular, extremely quiet, has 80+ Gold rating, and was on sale the time I bought it. Even though its overkill. It was still a good buy. 

The WD Green HDD was just something I had laying around and since I just use it for storage, theres no need to go over the top with it. Besides I got a separate NAS with 2 2TB WD Red in RAID 1 as a personal cloud anyways. 

The Samsung EVO was picked because of good reviews, I wanted something bigger than the 250G sandforce SSD I was using. Again it was on sale. 

The case was a fiasco trying to pick out. I wanted something spacey to have a clean look and not parts crammed inside with no room to breathe it seems. I was going to go with a case labs case, but it was too expensive and so I decided to go with the stacker because its a 4ft case and if it isn't big enough I buy another piece and make it bigger. The case was picked because the whole thing was like $160 at the time and just massive. 

 Alright so those are all the items that make up of the PC. Naw not really, now to the custom water loop. The reason I decided to go with the full loop is just because I have went this far, why not go all the way. 

The parts that make up the water cooling are as such:
- 2 480mm Black Ice Nemesis L-Series Radiator
- 480mm Alphacool Radiator
- 2 Phobya Radiator Stand (Quad)
- Monsoon modular reservoir (UV Green)
- Swiftech D5 pump
- EK GTX TI WF3 Nickle Water block
- EK GTX TI WF3 Backplate
- EK-Supremacy MX CPU Water block
- 8 Monsoon Hardline Chain gun compression fittings    
- 8 PrimoChill Rigid Ghost Compression fittings
- PrimoChill 1/2in PETG Rigid tubing UV Green
- Koolance Ball Valve
- Darkside 3-way flow splitter

So for the radiators the difference between Alphacool and Black Ice rads are just the thickness. The Alphacool is almost twice as thick as the Black Ice. I went with 480mm rads because the case can fit them although case modding is required, which is why I have the Phobya stands, the mount the rads into the bottom of the case. 

The Monsoon reservoir is hard to explain since they are a modular design that you could either pick pre-built or hand pick the parts and assemble it yourself. I picked the parts because I wanted a Nuclear Core kind look that went through the whole case so I had to use couplers to make it bigger and in the end making it a 500mm tall reservoir. 

The pump was just highly recommend by just about all the pros. I'll take their word for it.

As for the Waterblocks. The GTX TI's are just what work with my card, The CPU block has a Nucleus symbol that lights up green.

As for fittings. The Chain gun fittings are what is shown and matches the reservoir. The others are not seen so I just go something to plum the bottom. 

The tubing is a UV Green so that it will glow along with my reservoir. Also gets the rid the need of expensive dyes. I went 1/2 just cause it will help fill the case and give it a busy yet clean look since its all rigid. I went with PETG material because it is easier to work with than acrylic and most people are switching to it.  

The Valve and Splitter are just so I can have a drain port at the bottom of the case for maintenance.

Now that is a lot of stuffs in my opinion.

Now for price.....

PC:               $1829
Watercooling: $1096
Total:             $2925 (soo close)

To think it's not done. I ordered my last bit of the supplies needed and they will be here in a week or two(price already added). I mentioned case modding. Between needing metal, a 120mm hole saw drill, acrylic, paint, Ifixit Kit. It adds up as well. Also if you count the other GTX 970 that I happen to have lying around and do a non SLI config for reasons such as tasking cores and a GPU to working on something and my other cores and GPU to do another. I almost have a Dual Core with 970 and a Quad Core with 980TI in one system. 

So the total is actually $3300+ 

At the moment I don't have a lot on pics for the latest stuff for example this one shows the GTX970 as it was the first one I grabbed when I built this PC then I later got the 980Ti. I do have pics. I will work on a better Build Log during the next couple days. For now this should give you an idea of what I'm doing: Log

EDIT: Here is the PC Partpicker

Please leave any comments. 
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