Now that 1.9 is out, will we be resetting the world soon? I get that it just came out and there are some bugs with it, but I would be happy to start playing on the server again once it's updated. :)


  • Yep, just waiting for the reset aswell... :)
  • The server has been updated and the map reset, have fun.
  • Thanks! Now I can't wait to get home from work...
  • Hm. I'm sorry I had a bad connection today. Didn't get much done. I'll look back into the server this weekend (Sat/Sun). In the meantime, there is the small beginnings of some community stuff over at the Spruce forest (and mountain).

    Andieleine and I have begun working on something of a community there. Feel free to visit and make plans for the place.
    Centre is the Andesite-circle on the hill next to the pens/farms.
  • I've even started mucking about, to see whats what in 1.9.  I think I took over a cave in some mountains somewhere in the world.
  • What are the cords for spawn? I am lost.
  • spawn is arround -200 70 0 ... or very close to that
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