[Solved] java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:

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I have no clue as to how, but I tried again a few minutes ago.
And now I can connect to the server.

I guess it is kind of solved. Even though I have no idea what I did. Something has changed, apparantly.

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Well, it seems I'm having Java-problems again.

- Whenever I try to start up MC 1.9 and go to Multiplayer, Peacecraft says "Can't connect to server."
- When I try to direct connect to peacecraft-ec.com I get the message in the Title.
- Updated to latest java version 1.8.0_91 64 bit.
- Started MC and got notified that my firewall blocked the latest java version.
- Allowed (of course) java 1.8.0_91 to go through the firewall.
- I have also tried to ping peacecraft-ec.com, and I get a response, so the server is up.

The only thing that really has changed since last time (that should impact this), is that I've installed the Spybot Anti-Beacon (SAB) to try to get better performance from my computer by denying all (?) the Windows 10 spying software. Running windows 10 after that, feels a lot smoother. I'm beginning to think it is a really good OS (once you get rid of the spyware/malware parts of the installation - and stop the Windows Update service from running. The latter is the only way to avoid auto-updates from being downloaded onto the computer, thus impacting on the performance. Something which is, of course, unacceptable).

I tried, obviously, to run the SAB again, and removed all the settings. But MC still won't allow me to play on the server.

I'm out of options. Any suggestions as to where I can look for solutions are welcome.

Searching the web using the popular search-engine called Google didn't bring any useful information. Only old posts suggesting to check the firewall (done), updating java (done), checking the internet-connection (cone on, I can access all pages, and ping Peacecraft successfully) and deleting the .minecraft folder (why would I do that when the game runs fine in the first place?). Some other tech-tips that I didn't understand as well, but those were general stuff, not related to the game in question.


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