Would be nice to see 1.10.2

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I've been trying to play a little the last week. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing a lot of lag sometimes.

Today I've been just one "location-reset" away from getting killed by a Zombie when walking towards my bed. Lucky escape there! Also, I've had issues with a lot of ghost-blocks when digging up some sand. Constantly having to spend two/three uses on every 20th block dug is not making this any fun, actually.

The fact is also that I've been alone on the server today, when all of this happened. In addition to that, I've checked my own internet-connection by going directly to YouTube and watched two 20-minute videos in a row, after quitting the server. No  problems watching videos, I'm afraid. So my connection is ok for the moment.

I'll use this post to announce I'm on "vacation" from the server until it is upgraded to 1.10.2 (or later versions). This due to the non-fun of me lagging all the time. Something that also happened with me on single-player worlds in 1.9, by the way.



  • I've stopped playing for the time, since there are some bugs with villager trading that sort of put my most recent project on hold... an update would solve that from what i heard.
    Also new blocks would certainly open up some nice building options.

  • Updated to 1.10.2.
  • Updated to 1.10.2.

    Thank you!

    Now I just need to find some time this weekend. 8-)

    Luckily for me, the final of the European Championship is not played every Sunday. Unfortunately, it is played this Sunday. I'll try to make some time anyway. But at least I'll see you around next weekend!

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