Help me get this working? :(

I've invested a lot of time in creating stuff here, and forging friendships after an initially rocky start, but this server has literally gone to hell now. I know, its not your fault, or Derek's, but I physically can't do anything, I spawn in, and my 'world' is about 16 blocks wide and long, and stays that way literally for ages. Chat is so laggy that everyone can speak to me several times over before any one of my own gets out. I thought it was my connection, and/or, computer. It isn't, everything else is fast, efficient, and even more so now I've done panic-housekeeping to speed things up, still I have troubles online in Minecraft. :(

Issues at hand:
Map loading - Attrocious
Chat - Slower than hell.
Portals - When i was on, these either didn't work, or took a literal 5 minutes to move you.


  • map loading and chat are fine for me, the server has never been so fast actually.
    and the portal issue is because of mc's new file format, so there's nothing we can do about it for now except wait for some kinda official support :<
  • Does singleplayer work for you or are there issues on that as well?

    If singleplayer has issues then it's definitely you, because so far Peacecraft has been running fairly smoothly for me as well.
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    Bit late to say this, but if anyone else reads this, they might find it useful:

    There seems to be some sort of bad-coding in the latest minecraft update, someone on MCforums mentioned threading, but I'm not a tech-head and didn't follow his line of thought. The fix seems to be, to limit the framerate under video settings, and this will correct most issues with lag. Right now, I've got a steady 37fps now, so clearly something is up in the code there.

    If you experience lag peeps, try it, you might like it.
  • This *exactly* happened to me after the 1.3 update. My connection was fine, the server was fine, and nobody was lagging. I could read chat just fine, but *I* couldn't say anything without a full 30 second lag before it showed. The chunks weren't loading, either, so I was suspended in space for a couple minutes before I was disconnected.

    Restarting computer didn't work, restarting connection didn't work, and raging certainly didn't work. It was just some retard error with MC (yet again, CURSE YOU NOTCH) that just made no sense.

    30 minutes later, logged in just fine, no problems.
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