Cannot Log In

Just a half hour ago or so, the game froze for me, so I restarted the browser. When I try to log in now, I get Connection Timed Out errors. I even tried restarting my computer; no help.

However, when I check the "Server Info" on the site, it says I'm still on, which I am not. Can someone help? Maybe whatever Konsonum is currently on needs to get booted so I can log back in.


  • Server Info page LIES! LIES AND SLANDER! :O

    Says I'm on, but in actuality the server is down. Timing out.

    EDIT: removed stupid picture. Expired already. lol
  • So I'm not the only one? That's good. ._.
  • ive never logged in but i still get timed out errors 0.0

  • I've had this problem today, too, where I can connect (using the native client, not the browser client) to Minecraft itself, but when I try to connect to I get "Connection Timed Out" on the "Logging In..." step. I've been playing on PeaceCraft for the past week with no problems, so I don't know what's causing this.
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    Occured a lil while ago, some weird issue I'm sure. But we'll have to wait til a poweruser can reboot it, methinks.
  • I also and having this issue, i posted a new thread not long ago... (strangely i didn't find this post when i looked for "new posts")

    Anyway, long live peacecraft and look forward to seeing everybody in-game soon

  • I to am having this problem to getting timed out. Hope its back up soon I'm addicted bad to Peacecraft .
  • Billybob912 said:

    I to am having this problem to getting timed out. Hope its back up soon I'm addicted bad Peacecraft .
    Agreed =D
  • Like everyone else, can't log in. And now the login server seems to be down too (again). Standing by and waiting.
  • Still can't log in, but Server Info seems to be fixed. Can only connect through via browser. Bah, why does this always happen every other day.
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    The main software is beta, the bukkit alteration is built on top of beta (that is unfinished) software, when you signed up for minecraft it warns you these things, so its basically a case of bearing with it. One day, it'll be rock solid, but not til Notch has done his magic on the baseline server first. :)
  • I really don't think that server info is accurate. For example it seems to think that I'm still online (I'm not) and it has been on the "21 players online" for quite a while now.
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    Yup, it's down again people, and yes, we're all irritated by it. Keep calm, help will arrive soon, I'm sure.
    Meanwhile, start a new world, seed number 404, and try to see how long you survive. Spend one day gathering all surface resources you can, then head into the nearest cave and stay down there as long as poss without surfacing
  • same thing here.
    anyone know y it does this and how to stop it
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