The obvious

All of these should be common sense, but I'll rattle off some of the more basic rules of Peacecraft.

Don't destroy what isn't yours. Unless it's a lot that hasn't been used in weeks, and an admin declares it to be abandoned, don't touch it.

Don't take what isn't yours. There are storage chests owned by most people, and they shouldn't be even looked in by anyone but the owners.

Don't build anything in the way of someone else's lot, or in the way of a road. You should keep your buildings to themselves.

Don't chop trees in town, or in someone's yard. Walk a bit out of town, and chop there. You should also replant what you chop down.

DO NOT create your own water or lava with buckets or any other way. If you need water or lava for decoration, crops, item destruction, or anything else... You MUST have an admin+ place it.

This isn't exactly a rule, but it should be taken under advisement: Don't complain when an admin has you stop something you're doing. There have been multiple times when I've had to get rid of gigantic waterfalls people make, because of the lag it causes. Things like that must be done, and you probably shouldn't be doing them in the first place. Anything to do with water currents, you should pass the idea by an admin or co-owner before you start.

Feel free to reply with other obvious rules I've missed, or should be put into place.

Edit: Try to keep posts limited to suggestions, and not comments.


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    Also, do not dig holes in the middle of town and not cover them. Even if it's two squares away from your property. I can't even count how many times I have been looking around at homes and have fallen through a sudden drop to the bottom of the world, or mine. If you make a hole, cover it or surround it with a stone arch so people can see it.

    The areas in town that people have dug UP from the public mine are also hideous looking. I think a group project should take place to cover them up. Outside the graveyard there is a huge, ugly canyon where it looks like someone started digging up to the surface from their mine. It's wasting a pretty decent-sized lot space, too.
  • people shouldn't make single pillar columns and not get rid of them unless its part of a creation
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