Water and Lava

This was covered in "The obvious" rules thread, but this is abused so often I'll make it its own thread.

Breaking this rule yields a ban, so please don't break it. It takes so long to fix, after people abuse this...

DO NOT create your own water/lava springs with buckets or any other method, OR reroute natural springs. If you need to dig below where a spring flows, block its way, or just plug the water spring.

If you need/want water or lava for decoration, crops, item destruction, or any other use, you MUST have an admin place it. No exceptions.


  • Addendum:

    When you're building something on the water (I really wish you wouldn't, but that's not going to be a rule... yet), PLEASE build it just over the water, instead of having the floor half-submerged in the water. If/when it's removed it ROYALLY screws up the water. I've recently discovered how to fix this, but it takes quite a long time for large areas of water that are messed up. So please, build the majority of your water-surface-houses above the water.
    If you're building something that's actually submerged in the water, this doesn't apply. Just try to only have a small amount of blocks that reach the water's surface, because those will mess it up upon removal.
  • To react to some of the suggestions of allowing water and lava buckets, because they don't seem to cause lag anymore (Whether it be from one of Notch's updates, or the new server we're being hosted on), I'm against allowing them. Water springs can be, and have been, manipulated to cause some major griefing. We learned this early on in the server's history. It's just not worth the risk, and I see nothing wrong with having to just ask an admin to place what you need.
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