Forum Rules

I don't have TOO much to say on the topic of Forum Rules yet, but I'm hoping to get plenty of suggestions in reply to this thread.

First and foremost, try not to double post with something unsubstantial. This isn't exactly a rule, more of a general policy to try to keep. I've double posted in my Rule threads with addendums, but for actual active topics, try to just edit your post, if it's the last thing that was posted.
The exception would have to be if you reach the character limit in a post, which... I'm not sure if there is one.

Server rules with regard to conduct apply. I'm nearly impossible to offend, but not everyone shares my views on that subject. Try to be nice.

One of the more substantial rules would be not to create a thread that's already been created.

Semi-related rule, don't create a thread that has nothing of substance in it. It just clutters up the forum.


  • Thread Bumps allowed or that against the double post policy?
  • Thread bumps are allowed, assuming you weren't the last person to post.
  • Though technicaly you are allowed to bump post, such things are highly frowned upon for being non-constructive.

    That being said, if your going to bump; be courteous, and contribute at the same time.
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