Wilderness Looting

I'm -still- not sure on the concept. Are we allowed to do it or not, because I've been told 'not to do it' and I've also been told that 'it's okay to do it'. Also, when I was near Nelsoncod18's Tower of Babil he freaked out because he thought I'd loot him and called a mod. I just wanted to make sure because I don't really want to get in trouble for something that is one of the rules for wilderness(or conditions more like it). Feedback would be good.


  • As far as I know, looting in allowed. Griefing to get to the chests, however, is not.

    And, calling a mod out to ban you for looting would most likely constitute a ban on his part (because it would be a charge on reasons other than rule-breaking). Besides, we all (should) know the rules by now as there's a sign that says to read the rules (/kb), and all whitelisters are required to read those before playing. Playing is like a binding contract--you are to abide by the rules whether you read them or not.

    Also, rules may be added as needed by a figure of authority.

    Sorry to go into all that, but I just wanted to make myself clear as to how a mod (that knew what he was doing) would deal with the situation.
  • If a chest is inside a wall, or in a floor, griefing the wall or floor to get to it would be considered wrong. But if someone makes a house, and all you have to do is open a door and it is right there, that is fair game. But if it is a work station for public places, such as Babil, thats more of just stealing because it is a public work place. A community project so to speak. Hope this clears up any confusion.
  • I think that the issue was the nelson assumed that Necro was stealing from him personally. I would hope the issue is not stealing from the work site.

    And, just to clarify, it's Edited's Tower of Babil. I don't know if you were saying that it was his home or if you thought the whole project was his.

    Also, as I understand, stealing from public work stations is legal, but will make you stand out as a potential griefer, and you would have a larger chance of having your ban appeal (if you were ever banned) being rejected. I'm just saying that it's not looked well upon if anyone steals (whether in Peacecraft or irl), and will make the person look just that much more suspicious.

    Back to the task at hand: If you aren't griefing, it's not against the rules. Still, looting isn't necessarily in your best interest.
  • Thanks for everything guys. I only posted this because I wasn't sure. I knew Pump knew what I was talking about when I posted this, yesterday I asked if he knew how to get into steve's home, but only because about a week before that, he troubled me with challenging me to get into his home(which was at babil tower portal). Nelson thought I was trying to steal from him because I was at his HOME next to the babil tower. To be honest, I haven't really looted much yet. I have ever only 'looted' from this abandoned wilderness castle someone showed me. I can't really imagine stealing from a workplace or a project area period. I just wanted to clear up this whole mist around this subject for me. Thanks everyone.
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