Can't connect to server

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to log in and I keep getting an error message of "Connection Lost. Internal exception: Read timed out"

Someone help me with this? Is it something on my end or the server end?




  • I also am getting the same error and cannot login.

    Maybe the server needs a restart as I think this happens when it isn't restarted every few days
    [From What I've Heard]

    If A Global Mod Is Reading This Please Give The Server A Restart As It "Should" Resolve This.

    Peace - Skits.
  • I've also not been able to get on the server for a few hours. If its as skits says and it only needs a restart then it may be a while since edit is on vacation and Steve is moving. Hopefully Pump will be able to do a restart soon. See you guys in game.

  • Server has been offline since ~9:30 PM EST last night. The only active person who can restart the server to my knowledge is Pump, so bother him. :P
  • I have sent emails to Steve, Pump, and Edit. Hopefully the server will be back up soon.

  • still messed up please restart it soon
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