Hard drive issues

As some of you already know, i have been working on making my own texture pack.
So far, it is 35% complete.

But I haven't posted this to talk about how well my pack is doing.
Instead, I am asking for advice on a critical issue...

The process of making a texture pack leads to creating Backups, and copies, and hundreds of different variants of said copies and backups. All of it taking up immense hard drive space.

As of right now, My hard drive has 23.3 gigs out of 300 gigs remaining (1% free space).
And the dev copies for my pack currently take up over 85% of my hard drive.

There are a couple things that I could look into for solving this issue.
-I could ask my dad for permission to store the backups on the terraserver, but he doesnt trust me very much with it.
-I could ask my pepaw to mail me a spare server hard drive.
-I could store them on an obscure location on my brothers hard drive without asking his permission.
-I could ask yall for other suggestions.


  • I'd honestly keep all of it on a USB, those things can actually hold a lot.
  • I would suggest that you get a secondary hard drive (like edited suggested), but don't pay anyone to put it in. Put it in yourself. If you can't afford it, try to compress some of the files.

    Or, you could remove the backups that you KNOW are no longer necessary, and that should free up a bit of space.

    And of course, you'll want some type of external hardware to save your stuff to, such as a flash drive (in the event that your hard drive melts or otherwise breaks. It's happened to me before.)
  • I'm impressed that a mere texture pack could take up over 200GB O.O

    If you're filling up that much space that quickly you probably need a terabyte drive at least.
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