I Am Really Annoyed With Passion!!!!!!!!!!!

64 iron blocks were stolen and 32 diamond blocks
i have been at least 10 block greifed
I am really annoyed as i payed 3 mill for a lot that is suppose to protect my valuables!!!!
More has been stolen!!!!!!

BTW Thanks Pump For My Void. Props To Enil


  • You likely weren't griefed.

    Last night there was an issue with the plugin upgrades that were being tested. In one of the builds protection was borked. As of last night we have reverted to a known good build, and protection is functioning properly again. However, as you have seen, this was not before damage occurred. Right now, Edit is looking at the backups to see if a rollback will be possible, but until they are downloaded our hands are tied. Hopefully, we will have this solved in short order once the backups have been downloaded and verified. If a rollback is not possible, we will find another solution. In the meantime all we can do is wait. I recommend to all players to suspend building and mining until, we at least know if a rollback will be possible or not. If you choose not to heed my advice, then be warned that any and all progress you make could be lost if we rollback.

    Because of this unfortunate turn of events, if you had lava or fire placed in your lot it had an opportunity to spread, and did if there was anything it could destroy nearby. It is possible that some chests were destroyed due to the fires and their spread. Myself and another Admin, were both running around frantically trying to stomp it out, but there was only so much we could do. By the time we had things under control, there was some large damage to a limited number of buildings in some of the towns, at least as of my logoff last night. By far Del-Rio got the worst of it from what I saw.

    We are currently doing all we can to solve this, and steps have been taken in hopes that they will prevent this from happening again while we upgrade the plug-in. To be on the safe side though, I suggest that players remove lava and put out fires that may be able to spread from their homes, until we have finished with the plug-in updates. Updates to the plug-in should be complete within as week or two, barring any unforeseeable issues.

    I apologize for the problems these events may have caused all of you, and thank you in advance for your patience.

  • upgrades to protection and fire are done.
  • Editedcub said:

    upgrades to protection and fire are done.
    Thanks Edit, for everything you do to keep Peacecraft going strong!.
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