Adding a warning to MIT project portal.

Some of you are already aware of this, but i'll say it again for anyone who hasn't.

MIT, or "Minecraft Institute of Technology", is currently nearly impossible to explore without extreme framerate lag. Even with the precautions against such an issue.

Which brings me to this help request:

I need someone with builder rights to add a sign to the MIT project portal. This sign should have the following warning:

High lag!
Enter at
own risk!


  • Do you still need this?
  • YES, And i've been begging admins for a month now.

    Thanks for necroing this thread for me, I appreciate it.

    It's been over a month since i've requested this, and nobody has taken it seriously!

    MIT has recently started succumbing to chunk instability, and is now considered hazardous. For this reason, Anyone who uses the MIT portal is officialy risking their life.
  • I put up a sign for it.

  • Thank you enil. That's all I can say further.
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