jdogs ban D:

OMG IM BANNEDT-T. Well for starters id like to know where I griefed, and how many blocks. I really want to be unbanned, but I wont argue with anyone about mai ban. I believe a temporary ban would be best since I did grief. I really am Srry and will never break anything that isn't mine ever again. If I am banned forever then I wont argue even though I love this server. This is jdog (if I'm not unbanned) signing off forever, BAI }:3 HAPPY GAMING!!!


  • Need to post in ban appeal section with proper ban appeal format.

  • A coordinate where you placed a lever to gain entry into Outdated's fortress was posted in your ban reason. As this is only a t-ban a ban appeal is pointless. You'll be unbanned 12PM (Noon) EST/GMT -5 or somewhere thereabouts on 30/1/2012.
  • My internet was down yesterday, sorry for the wait.
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