somonars ban appeal

In Game Name: somonar
State Your Problem: i was banned
What Caused Your Problem?:i accidently placed 2 blocks which i removed. and while exploring a base i came across what looked like a dupeing machine. so i placed a redstone and a block to see if it duped it. it did not work so i removerd them. while removing the block i accidently destoryed a pistion which i then promptyly left. i did not greif to enter this base. but i did as i said place 2 accidental blocks.
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?: billybob
What Was The Reason?: i techinally greifed
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: because i did not greif to jujst break or out of spite. i am not a mean person. i have spent alot of time on this server since the nether came out and have never had problems like this befor. i dont plan on having them again. they were simple mistakes. please have mercy.
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: i will contune to help new players and to make awesome builds that make the server a cooler place to have fun with and on.


  • Somonar the decision to ban you was not an easy one to make.
    1 You have been a long time and trusted member of Peacecraft.
    2 You indeed have built alot of nice projects.
    3 You have been very helpful to new and old players.
    I could not find no other way to gain entrance, other than breaking blocks. = griefing = p/ban
    During your tban i have thought about what was the right course to take. The only thing i can do is to p/ban.
    Unless the owner/admin/dev want to over ride my decision the ban will stay.

    On a personal note, Somonar this was hard for me to do because i have worked on some of your projects with you and had some good times playing on the server with you. sorry man
  • if you look at the logs you will see that i broke no door to gain entry. i just walked in. the logs dont lie. its not fair to ban me if you cant proove that i greifed to enter. because i dident.

  • both zach and intel looked at the logs. and saw that i did not greif to enter.
  • Never said you broke the door. you broke a block covering the redstone switch that operates the door.
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