Godph33r's ban appeal

In Game Name: Godph33r
State Your Problem: I got banned for doing nothing wrong
What Caused Your Problem?: Mine_Zeke and Steveice10 got rid of all my stuff without even giving me the chance to get any of it first
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?:enilredrob
What Was The Reason?:for griefing when i didnt grief
Why Should You Be Unbanned?:Because i didnt do anything wrong
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?:Nothing because i didnt do anything wrong

P.S.: i like cheesecake

Dillbug and intel r awesome


  • You may have not broken any blocks, but you were with dill with the intent to grief. Either you didn't grief because you wanted to look innocent or because we banned you before you could, either way you were part of a griefing team so you griefed. You guys were right, your place should not have been touched without giving you notification and if you guys had not griefed then you would likely have gotten the items returned. But since you did grief, intending to either loot or destroy anothers property this is going to be a permanent ban.

    Ban Appeal Denied
  • I should only be temp-banned because i did not break any blocks nor were i ever gonna break any blocks. For it to be a grief i would of had to break a block or place a block which i didnt do. i understand that i was and accomplice and i should be banned ofr that but not p-banned.
  • We have decided that it is going to be a permament ban, hope you can find a new server that you won't grief.

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