Ewwende's ban appeal

In Game Name: Ewwende
State Your Problem:i was banned
What Caused Your Problem?:i just logged in and said my name was godph33r and he banned me
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?:Minecraft_Zeke
What Was The Reason?:Because i said my name was godph33r
Why Should You Be Unbanned?:Because i did nothing wrong
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?:Nothing because i did nothing wrong


  • You were banned and came back with an alt. account. That is grounds for a perma-ban, which you already have. Please don't waste any more money on new accounts. We will find out. I hope you can find another server which you enjoy.
    Peace out. -Zeke
  • I never did anything that was worth a perma ban
  • I wasn't there. Take it up with the Admins. However, you broke the rules by using an alt account. As stated: Perma-banned.
  • I never knew that was against the rules. U can ban me but not perma ban me If I didn't know I couldn't do that.
  • GodPh33r said:

    U can ban me but not perma ban me If I didn't know I couldn't do that.
    Yes, I can. You came back with an alt account (to restate it) whilst perma-banned. Of *course* I banned your alt. It doesn't matter if the alt. didn't do anything. What matters is the *player*. Please don't tell me about banning rules. As for not knowing, it's a bit of common sense (not to be mean). You can take it out on me, if you must (PMs, not regular forums), but I'm just following the rules that mods must abide by.
    P.S. Were you not there for the 89nop incidents? o-O?
  • No I wasn't and I didn't know that I couldn't do that. I didn't read every word of all the rules I followed the main rule don't grief
  • I just wanted to go on that file and start fresh I wasn't going to grief or anything. I was willing to go through all the ranks again just to play on that server.
  • I'm sorry, but unless changed by Admins+, my decision is final. Topic Locked.
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