1.2 Questions.

Any guess when Bukkit will be updated & when the server should be v1.2?. :rolleyes:
[Sorry for asking someone had to right]

Just throwing an idea out there but would it be possible to use a beta build of Bukkit until a recommended stable build is available or should a stable build be out very soon?.

K, Thanks.


  • The beta build is lacking in API, we probably can't use it without problems.

    EDIT: I guess I can check how much it actually has so far, and see if it has enough done yet.
  • Hey Steveo

    Would you be able to give an estimated guess (ETA), as to when Bukkit and the server should be updated to 1.2?.

    I'm clueless about all that stuff and would appreciate a time scale as to when we can expect the server and Bukkit to finally be 1.2 ready.

    Thanks dude.
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