Fun PC Games?

What are some other games that everyone enjoys playing? Lately, I've been buying games off Steam (great place to buy PC games if havent heard of it). The game i am currently playing is Oblivion (game before skyrim which is actually better). If you got a game that u want to recommend go ahead and post.


  • One of my favorite games that I have been playing for over a year now is League of Legends. Its a free game similar to HoN and DotA and is completely free if you don't care about buying skins and things like that.

    The LoL community isn't the best since it is a free to play game, but the support staff and management at Riot Games (the creator) is one of the best I've ever seen. The Reddit community for LoL is pretty popular also and that's where you should go with any questions. Only reason to use the official forums is to talk to the support team or to see new announcements.

    Good place to see some ingame action is at I recommend watching the streamers Gaurdsmanbob, Nhat Nguyen, and TSM Dyrus.

    LoL also has a large amount of competitive play in the e-sports community. There are tournaments every few weeks with prize money from $300 to $1000.

    My ingame name is enilredrob so if any of you guys decide to try it out send me a friend request and we can play some games.

    Link To Sign Up:
    Link To LoL Reddit:
    Link To
  • battlefield 3
  • QuakeLive:
    I've heard a lot of positive reviews about Saints Row 3 on Steam as well, I'd like to play it but don't have the money.
  • Yea saints row 3 is a really great game i would also recommend playing the second one before hand it helps you understand some of the characters and specific references in the third one. Also if you enjoy the walking dead series i would recommend the its video game you can buy it on steam for $25 which unlocks the future episodes of the game too. its basically a interactive series of episodes so if absolutely hate point and click games dont play it.
  • Theres this game called minecraft that one is pretty good. Hmm lets see uh how bout Team Fortress 2, oh ya Skyrim
  • Steveice10 said:

    ^^^^^ have it its good
  • Been playing an old MMORPG called Ultima Online on a free server. its a top down view like diablo with player housing, pvp, and a bunch of other cool things. I played it in the late 90's and recently started playing again on this free server, its one of my favorite games and definitely my favorite MMO.
  • Anybody played KOTR/KOTOR? How is it?
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