Markus_da_mans ban Appeal

In Game Name: Markus_da_man

State Your Problem: Banned for Griefing by Intelligence.

What Caused Your Problem?: I Griefed (this was before I knew what Griefing was).

Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?: Intelligence

What Was The Reason?: Griefing

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I really love to play Minecraft but I haven't played it recently because I have been banned from Peacecraft and it is the best server I have ever played on. Most of my friends play on Peacecraft. I also did not know what griefing at the time I griefed a house.

What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: I will never break a rule again and I will try to help everyone on the server.


  • As it doesn't appear that I included a location for the grief and I do not recall it being a large grief, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and unban you. Beware that this is your first and only warning.
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