My ban appeal.

Hi I was banned a really, really long time ago by Derek for simply being online with one of my friends who was basically trolling because of his distaste for the server. He banned us both. Its hard to explain the circumstance but it was really in my opinion an unjust ban. I want to resume playing on the server because some of my other friends have returned and I wish to play with them. My username is evilgod21. The ban reason really makes little sense as well. I used to be really active on the server over a year ago and I actually used to be a moderator until I stopped being active on the server. Here are some images that I hope can support my case.

In Game Name: evilgod21
State Your Problem:I was banned
What Caused Your Problem?:Being banned
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?: derekpeterson
What Was The Reason?: Hard to explain. I came online with a friend to see how the server was doing. My friend started trolling and got us both banned.
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I am a looong time veteran from the server. I used to be a moderator and I wish to play with some friends that have started playing again.
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: I will not hang around unruly users I guess?

Ban reason.

Supporting my case.


  • You have been unbanned evilgod21, please make sure you're familiar with all the rules.


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