Well this is new...

Hey guys, it's that damn hipster again.

I chose to forgo typical ban appeal format due to the unusual nature of this ban.

The message states, and I quote, "Banned by Auto for unspecified"

So banned by nobody for nothing



  • I am pretty sure that you went above the 0.5% limit of diamonds per blocks mined, which meant the server autobanned you. As it is much, much easier to find diamonds now I am not sure why we still have this limit, nor do I believe you in any way abused the game, but the only ways for this to be fixed are: a) Steve/TV do some database manipulation to change your stats, or b) I unban you and you mine as many stone blocks as possible within 5 or so minutes to avoid being rebanned.

    Nevertheless I'll see what I can do.
  • dayum. I can try to do the stone block thing, I'll just run to a corner and dig like hell. I just want this to be solved ASAP so nobody buys my lots again...
  • Should be unbanned, and I disabled the autoban until we decide what to do.
  • Guys

    It happened again o-o
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