samith14's ban appeal

In Game Name: Samith14
State Your Problem:I have been banned for something I did not know was a ban because I am very new to Minecraft.
What Caused Your Problem?: I was banned for mute evasion which I did not know about, This is the background story. I was muted for spamming which I did, I was not going on to my other account because intell said I would be un-muted at the hour. After leaving to do such and such I came back about 2.5 hours later and was not un-muted. So I logged on on a different account to see what was wrong I asked intell what was up and he ban that account (that account is mockingjay424). and my account (samith14)
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?:Intelligence
What Was The Reason?: Mute Evasion
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: When I am unbanned I will work hard and try to help the community as much as I can. Also I did not know about mute evasion and was only doing that because I wanted to know why I had been lied to.
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: Never spam again and try to help the server in anyway possible.


  • I do not believe it is possible to be oblivious to such a rule as spamming. Additionally, if you had read /kb like all whitelisters are encouraged to do, you would not have had a problem. However, you spammed multiple time for which I muted you. If I recall correctly you spammed again on a separate account, which I also muted and then later banned for mute evasion. You also have another account (albeit I forget its name). For this reason I shall sustain your ban.
  • I do not recall spamming on another account(mockingjay424) I recall being muted now that you mention it though and am sorry I did not write that in the appeal. I think I was unfairly muted on mockingjay424 because I definitely was not spamming on that account (or at least my idea of spamming: writing way to much and or repeating ones self) I am sad that I can not continue playing on this sever because many of my friends play on it and for the brief amount of time I played It was exceptionally fun. Today I was told that I lied on my ban appeal by saying I am new to minecraft. This is not true I have had played minecraft before but that was about 1.5 years ago I just stared playing again winter this year. Also this is only the second server I have been on and the first bukkit server that enforced rules(no offense to pie). I did not know what griefing was in-tell about 5 months ago and minecraft is also my first multiplayer game where chat and player interaction is very important. I hope that you can be swayed to un-ban me but if not I wish you a happy life and good fortune.
  • I have been swayed to refute my previous decision...
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