Mute appeal-Samith14's

I am skipping the normal format because I feel after I tell you will unmute me. My story is as follows. I was in my house mining in a mine when someone(ri I think) yells samith's door is unblocked come and loot and grief. I race up to my house and discover many people in my house. I tell them to leave but they don't, Ri is flying around in a magic carpet and everyone is being annoying(except for yoso who was showing me a hole in my house.) so I yelled at them to get out and next thing you know I am muted, I was told that I can be annoying but if I am, and I thought I was not I am sure you might yell at people to get out of you're house if 5 people were in it. But don't mute me just tell me so I know I am being annoying. Also My brother(mockingjay424.) was telling me about how he was in Yoso's house and she was yelling at him to get out and as far as I know she is not muted. I would like to be unmuted and am very sorry that I caused intell and maybe others to be annoyed, I apologize and from now on will try my hardest to keep my cool and not annoy anybody.


  • Samith

    I personally will unmute you If you haven't already been unmuted.
    Just a heads up, it will require that you login to peacecraft to work.

    If I'm offline, you can ask a staff member politely with /mail (player-name here) (your message here) without the brackets.

    Also, please use the proper format in future if needed, thankyou!.

    take care.

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