Fred's Ban appeal

In Game Name: Fred (Fredred7)
State Your Problem:I got banned for "Greifing"
What caused your problem: A misunderstanding: I broke two blocks to enter game's mob grinder (which is allowed because i payed him to let me in) and replaced them.
Who was the mod?: Skits
What was the reason: Greifing into a place which i was allowed to go into...
Why should i be unbanned?: I had no idea that game had changed his mind about me being in the mob grinder, it was an honest mistake. He just told me about it being allowed today at school.
What are you going to change if you are unbanned?: For starters, I know not to go into the grinder anymore. I will always ask people permission before going into their house, and I will try to make peacecraft a much, much better place. (Than it already is :)
I would like to add that tonight or tomorrow game will go online and prove my story is correct, so he is my witness.


  • I banned you after receiving a complaint from gamemaker152 that you broke into his mob-grinder.
    I have to follow up complaints and I can only make judgments on decisions from what I've been told and can observe from my perspective.

    The rules do include "no breaking/placing blocks on others property without strict consent".

    I also was not aware/told that game had allowed you to previously use the grinder, nonetheless I made the right decision at the time.

    gamemaker152 has expressed his concern and would like you unbanned and I believe you deserve that chance.

    I'm willing to give you a second chance, dont let me down.

    You're unbanned.

  • Thanks a ton enigma
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