pieater5000's Ban Appeal

In Game Name: Pie
State Your Problem: I was banned for a crime i did not commit
What Caused Your Problem?: Inteligence Banning me
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?: Inteligence
What Was The Reason?: griefing the pit
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: i did not grief the pit. at school i was told that i was banned for griefing the pit. in reality i have not looged onto peacecraft since friday the 25 of may. i may have logged on more recently but not in my memory. i have seen the pit. i believe it is the pit near RushvilleJr with lava and iron bars. i have never understood what it was but it is pretty cool. i would never grief it. what would I gain? i feel i have been wrongly framed adn i would love to be able to come back on the server. it is the coolest server I've ever played on. I am sorry if it turns out i did grief. i am sure i didnt. However if i cannot play on this server, fair enough. i respect intel, and his descisions. I hope the server lasts a long time and that all the players have fun. I thank you for the oppurtunity to have fun on this server, it was a great few months. thank you. :'( i will miss you all. good luck, find diamonds and eat pie


  • Unbanned, I was admittedly unsure on banning as there were multiple people who broke blocks there.
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