Markus_da_mans ban Appeal

In Game Name: Markus_da_man
State Your Problem: I was banned for fly hacking
What Caused Your Problem?: -
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?: Magnus77
What Was The Reason?: Fly Hacks
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I will get rid of hax and swear to never break another rule. I echo pies words: This by far the best server i have ever played on (and that is really saying something). All the admins are awesome and i am dearly sorry. I will miss you all. :'(


  • This is the second time i've caught you using flymod, and i told you it'd be a ban if you got caught again. I will revisit in a weeks time and see how i feel about it.
  • Thank you soo much for not p banning me.
  • Unbanned. Moving to archives
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