In Game Name: Gamemaker152
State Your Problem:I was banned for helping Fredred7 on his project that he build on my land...
What Caused Your Problem?: I got banned for helping Fred
Who Was The The Mod / Global Mod?: Magnus
What Was The Reason?: Griefing
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: Because I claimed that land and then fred build on it... I didn't care that much... but I helped him on his build and asked me for help...
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: Not grief... even though i didn't grief


  • We got called over about chests being broke into in the place. IDK what exactly happened, so please explain?
  • I mean, i dont think i broke the blocks over the chests... I did loot those chests though.
  • Also, fredred7 Built his castle on my land. Just sayin
  • Wait wait wait... Aren't you allowed to break 2 blocks over chests anyways...
  • Not if they're hidden.

    When I can I'll talk to fred about it.
  • 1. I claimed that land awhile ago
    2. Fred built on it
    3. I said fine
    4. He said I could help on castle
    5. Someone else broke the blocks above the chest
    6. I did loot it... but looting is allowed
  • Cmon I didn't grief! ITS MY LAND ANYWAYS
  • Game, we have logs showing you broke the blocks above the chests. If you didn't want fred to build on your land you should have marked it better or told him to move, whether its your land or not has now bearing now. As far as i know your record is clean, and you've been on the server a long time, so i was planning on making this a one week ban.
  • Did I break right above or 2 above because I was terraforming above that entire area, also I will give Fred the stuff back
  • Can It be a 24 hour ban really want to get on and work on the castle + can you double check because I really don't remember breaking into the chest. I did terraform above the chest though.
    - TY Game
  • I will see what i can do about getting your lots returned to you. You've been unbanned.
  • Lots dont get taken away for either Cit or Res+ i believe.
  • All my lots were put on sale, Fred bought one, but Mag had him give it back
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