Dill's ban appeal [UN-BAN ME PLEASE] :((

In Game Name: Dillbug21276
State Your Problem: Banned back in at the beginning of the year.
What Caused Your Problem?: Zeke broke and looted all of Jon's (Godph33r's) stuff with orders from edit, We asked the mods and Zeke to give his stuff back and they wouldn't, So me being the good friend that i am i went to Zeke's base to see if any of johns stuff was there, Broke a few blocks in the process, and nothing of his was there. Then rob banned me.
Who Was The The Mod / Admin / CM / Dev?: enilredrob banned me at first then Steveice10.
What Was The Reason?: 'Griefing'
Why Should You Be Un-banned?: Because it has been like 7 months and i broke 2 blocks, I was just trying to help a friend get his stuff back.. :c
What Are You Going To Change If You Are Unbanned?: I will ask edit before attempting to resolve a problem by myself.

An addition: I know i have made 2 other ban appeals, I have talked to edit and rob, I just want to say i really do regret getting banned from this server. I met a lot of friends on this server and had a lot of fun times. I'm willing to be demoted, Put on mod watch, tar and feathered, I just want to be back on this server.

Thanks for your time guys,



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