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  • We have had some new players on the modded server recently, so it's not empty.  The 1.7.10 packs are coming along still, and I'm working on something that may fill the gap until the new 1.7.10 packs are ready, provided I can get some kinks worked ou…
  • Welcome to the server.  I hope you enjoy your time here.  I know I have. I'm never on the vanilla server, but I will be on one of the modded ones when the new packs are released, but that will probably be at least a couple of months.
  • It looks like Optifine for 1.7.10 has been updated, so the problem is now solved.
  • No problem.
  • Ah, I see the problem.  You're version of java is too high.  You need java 7 or 6 for 1.6.4. Most mods were not java 8 compatible.  You can run both 7 and 8, you just need to make the launcher use 7.
  • It is probably an out of memory error if you got that far, but to be sure I would need to see the logs.  If you want to post hem here in a spoiler I could take a look at them.
  • Oh sorry, the original post got wiped when the forums crashed and we didn't think to write a new one.  The pack for the modded server is a private pack on the FTB Launcher, I will PM you the code for it.
  • I changed some stuff in your data, so see if that did anything for you.  If not, it will need Steveice10's attention.
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  • I would guess your account hasn't been activated yet.  I would activate you, but there is nothing in my queue and I don't know this forum software all that well yet.
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  • We'll see where things end up when the pack is ready.  It will still be a while before all the important issues are fixed as many of them require mod updates.  I'm all for the Curse Client if it's available when we are ready to go.  It also handily …
  • Just to add a bit more detail to Edit's post: We are going to attempt to build out three different packs for this, a Magic Pack, a Tech Pack, and the Kitchen sink pack.  This is purely to provide smaller more manageable packs for the players that c…
  • Looks like we've reached a consensus, more or less. I will begin construction of a new map and server tonight, hopefully we'll have it up and running in a week or two for general play.
  • I'll probably build something for the new spawn, seeing as it'll be a new map and all. Still trying to find a satisfactory seed then I'll get started on it.
  • I'm abstaining entirely. Regardless of the decision I'm gonna have to do a ton of work, so it really doesn't matter to me, though starting over fresh always seems to be fun.
  • Don't worry I'll build a bigger one that crashes you out instanty, that way you won't waste any time.
  • However, it is important to remember that the rule does not actually go into much detail about what we consider griefing on the vanilla server. It might be a good idea to expand on the rules post to give people a better idea of the guidelines, espe…
  • Glad you're not lagging anymore. On another note, I'm still working on the update, but it is slow going, been very busy lately, and the server is still throwing errors at start up. I hope to resolve it this week.
  • It's possible you ran into a moment when the server is backing up, or there is some major exploration going on and the server is busy generating new chunks. Generally though, if you are on the Vanilla Server you should experience almost no lag most…
  • Given that they changed the block ID's for the Promised Lands, yes they will change and any world containing a Promised Lands Biome will be affected. I'm just finally getting around to testing to see what happens to a world if we don't reset it fir…
  • Slowly, at the moment. I have just been so busy with work that I am a complete zombie after. I hope to spend a large amount of time on it today, as things are supposed to quiet down for today at least. I've pretty much got everything but testin…
  • Hopefully, this will be fixed in the 1.1.4 update, once I can get it running properly.
  • I don't know yet. I need to do some testing. I will post what I know once I know it. Edit is currently downloading a copy of the server for me, so I'll start messing with it tomorrow during my downtime at work. Hopefully this won't be the pain i…
  • I guess I should have said, "As usual, do not update your pack until we post that the upgrade is complete, or you cannot log in." We will likely shift to a new version either this Friday or next, as time allows. Because of the changes to Block I…
  • Need to look into it. From what I had heard they were going to abandon the pack we are on because of ID conflicts, and issue a new pack with the correct ID's. We were going to try to fix the ID issues with this next update, but now I need to see w…
  • Won't work. Edit is Ape Man!
  • Actually anti-griefing tools are one of the most if not the greatest resource hog in running Bukkit. Bukkit itself is very efficient. Running a database to track actions and make rollbacks is not.
  • notyepenyar is now whitelisted.
  • You can pump it into a void pipe if you wish, use buckets, destroy it with blocks, it's up to you. This rule is mostly for those that deliberately fill their quarries with water, such as me.